Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

Learn how to re-create the double wedding ring quilt with our expert guide and patterns!

One of the signature patterns of the Great Depression, the Double Wedding Ring quilt has been a traditional wedding gift for couples since it’s creation. The photo (at right) shows an example of a Double Wedding Ring quilt from the family collection of Nancy Ferguson shown in McCall’s Quilting Vintage Quilts Annual 1999/2000 issue.

The Double Wedding Ring quilt has always been a popular quilt pattern with our readers. Cutting and sewing all those curves is a challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart, but sucess is hugely rewarding.

This pattern was added to our new site’s content after being unavailable for a short time. Although we sold out of the Vintage Quilts issue, we still have many great options for recreating these designs from the past.

Re-Create the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

1. Get a copy of the pattern.

We’ve added the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern back to the site so you can download it instantly and start planning your quilt. Whether you want to capture the traditional colors or match them to a couple you already have in mind, you’ll be able to build your quilt from the ground up.

2. Get ready to sew curves.

You may also want to grab the Double Wedding Ring Template Set, for when you are ready to start cutting your fabric. If you’re using templates, a smaller rotary cutter and a spinning mat will help achieve accurate cuts in the curved sections and help you keep your feet still

When it comes to sewing curves, a stiletto is very useful for carefully feeding your pieces under the presser foot.

3. Consider a variation on the traditional design.

One variation on the traditional reproduction quilt is this batik quilt.

There’s also a must-see modern version of this traditional pattern, featured in the December/January issue of McCall’s Quilting. A contemporary take on a Double Wedding Ring, it was made for today’s romantic.

Make it merry this year with the Double Wedding Ring quilt!

Article was first published June 12, 2009 before being updated.

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