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Get FREE king size quilt patterns from Quilting Daily! Making a king bed quilt is always a large undertaking, but with the right pattern, it can also be fun and super rewarding. Sometimes quilters make the mistake of adding borders to a smaller quilt design to take it to king size, but the resulting quilt often looks awkward and obviously altered. Our talented designers solve this problem with larger quilt blocks, creative borders, and cohesive edge-to-edge designs that give their king size quilt patterns standout style.

This free eBook from Quilting Daily includes 4 king size quilt patterns. Whether you prefer fast rotary cutting or traditional templates, classic quilts or modern designs, there’s a king bed quilt pattern here for every taste. All 4 of these patterns were previously published in Love of Quilting magazine, and they are among our readers’ favorites. Great looking king size quilt patterns are hard to find, but we’ve gathered 4 of them here for you free!

This free eBook from Quilting Daily provides you with all of the instructions, photos, and diagrams you will need to create your own version of each of these king quilts:

  • By the Big Lake:
    With traditional patchwork units organized into big 28″ quilt blocks, you only need to make 9 blocks to create this king size quilt! This pattern calls for fat quarters and fat eighths (18″ x 20-22″ and 9″ x 20-22″ cuts of fabric), perfect for quilters with a large pre-cut stash. This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt seen at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.
  • Scrap Flair:
    Streamlined is the operative word for this king size quilt pattern. Have 3/8 yard of each of 36 fabrics cut for you, and you’re ready to follow the easy cutting diagram for all the patches in this modern quilt. It’s the best of both worlds…a scrappy quilt pattern that takes advantage of layered cutting and a quick piecing plan to create a stunning but fast king quilt.
  • Crossed Kayaks:
    Traditionalists will love this graded-effect king quilt, made with the classic Crossed Canoes quilt block design. A striking pieced border takes the patchwork action all the way to the quilt edges. Graded color placement creates a medallion effect in this quilt, giving a focal point to any king bed.
  • Empire World:
    The classic Trip Around the World quilt pattern gets a king sized update in this beginner-friendly quilt pattern. Large fabric squares (5”) are easy to handle and they “grow” a big quilt quickly. You could even use precut fabric charm packs for this design with a little extra color placement planning! A simple narrow border gives the patchwork in this quilt a suitable frame.

Download free quilt patterns for king size quilts you’ll love to use!

King Size Quilts Free eBookA well-designed king size quilt pattern is a rare thing. Putting a few extra borders on a smaller design often creates an awkward looking project, and no one wants that! Our talented quilt designers have come up with 4 unique, interesting king quilt designs, from beginner to intermediate skill levels. There’s a king quilt pattern here for every quilter!

By the Big Lake - King Size Quilts Free eBook

“By the Big Lake” by Marianne Fons

Get out those fabric fat quarters and fat eighths this king size quilt pattern is just the place to use them! With a good variety of fabrics, this quilt takes on depth and interest often missing from a repeating-block design. Classic patchwork inspired by an antique quilt gives this king bed quilt all the appeal of a family heirloom. There’s even a touch of applique in the quilt center (a sweet little heart) to show how much love went into this project!

  • Finished Size: 96″ x 96″
  • Finished Blocks: 9 (28″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Intermediate

Scrap Flair - King Size Quilts Free eBook

“Scrap Flair” by Lynette Jensen

This is a large quilt, but the easy patchwork is large, too, making this a relatively fast king size quilt pattern. Fabric placement is random and a wide variety of fabrics is used, giving the design its scrappy appearance. One simple Cutting Diagram applies to 36 different fabrics, so you can layer and rotary cut to your heart’s content. You’ll dream under this king quilt in no time!

  • Finished Size: 96″ x 108″
  • Finished Blocks: 72 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Confident Beginner

Crossed Kayaks - King Size Quilts Free eBook

“Crossed Kayaks” by Marianne Fons

Made with traditional Crossed Canoes quilt blocks, this free quilt pattern uses careful color and value placement to create a medallion effect, simply stunning on any king bed. The patchwork in this design requires template shapes (included), and a set of acrylic templates is available in our online shop if you prefer to rotary-cut your patches.

  • Finished Size: 96″ x 96″
  • Finished Blocks: 36 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Intermediate

Empire World - King Size Quilts Free eBook

“Empire World” by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth

For many quilters, a Trip Around the World quilt is among their first projects. The plan is easy to line up fabric squares in a specific color order and then sew them together into rows. Sew the rows together, and your quilt is nearly done! This particular king size quilt pattern adds a narrow border for definition and emphasis, making the entire project beginner-friendly. You’ll need 14 different fabrics for this king bed quilt, so it’s a wonderful design for showcasing a favorite fabric collection.

  • Finished Size: 96½” x 96½”
  • Project Rating: Beginner

Download your free King Size Quilts eBook from The Quilting Daily today for big, beautiful bed quilts!

If you want to make a king size quilt, you need a quilt pattern designed especially for a king bed. This collection of free king size quilt patterns has something for every taste and every quilt making skill level, and it features work from some of our most popular quilt designers. When you’re ready to try making a king quilt, you’ll want this free eBook in your personal library!

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