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Download your free collection of free-motion quilting patterns, designs, and techniques today!We’ve all heard the saying about drawing, right? That practice makes perfect. Well, the same goes for machine stitching. It takes time, practice, and commitment to get those stitches and motifs to look exactly as you envision.

In this free eBook, three highly respected quilt artists share their knowledge to help any quilter to be more successful free-motion quilting. If you are new to the craft, we’ve included all the resources you need to get started and be successful learning how to machine quilt. Youll not only find Frieda Andersons five basic elements for enjoyable free-motion stitching but 12 quilt motifs to try. Or if you are looking for more advanced machine quilting instructions, you’ll love Robbi Joy Eklows articles on motifs and using variegated threads. Finally, Susan Brubaker Knapps informative article walks you through thread sketching, including color exercises and examples. We hope you enjoy this compilation of exercises, tips, techniques, and motifs to help make your free-motion quilting fun, successful, and enjoyable. Download the free eBook to discover it all!

From motifs to machine quilting patterns to practice and perfect, this free download has something for you!

Discover success with expert tips and techniques in this free-motion quilting tutorial!This free-motion focused eBook is jam-packed with advice for quilters of all levels! We’ve gathered the best of the best to offer you including tips for how to machine quilt and proven techniques for success. We’ve also included step-by-step motifs, how to use variegated threads, tips for filling in borders and how to combine free-motion quilting designs. Whether you’re new to machine quilting or you’re eager to improve your technique, you’ll find loads of useful advice in this free eBook.

Tips for Successful Free-Motion Machine Quilting

All the Right Moves Part 1 by Frieda Anderson

Quilting 101 with Frieda Anderson covers the five basic elements for getting started in your quilt making adventure what equipment you’ll need, how to select the right needle, what is the perfect thread, making the most of your workspace, and more. She also enforces the three Ps that all beginners must remember … practice, practice, practice. Frieda then walks you step by step through six free machine quilting patterns to get you started.

Tips for Successful Free-Motion Machine Quilting

All the Right Moves Part 2 by Frieda Anderson

Frieda Anderson takes quilting 101 to the next level and instructs you on how to draw with thread (just like drawing with a pencil). You’ll also discover a variety of ideas and motif shapes to try (and where to find others that inspire you) including square stippling quilting, Ms and Es, leaves, feathers, stars, and triangles. With Frieda’s advice, you’ll soon be on your way to mastering more advanced motifs in no time.

Free Quilting Motifs that Invite a Closer Look

It’s Polite to Stare by Robbi Joy Eklow

Learn how to make a quilt like Robbi Joy Eklow! In this section, you’ll learn how to make your free-motion quilting patterns transform your quilt into a look at my masterpiece. Using this process you can learn to combine quilt motifs to make your quilt projects truly original. Robbi Joy will walk you through several different samples from easy and versatile to eye-catching motifs. These tips are sure to have you running for your sewing machine!

Variegated Threads for Free-Motion Embroidery

Its (Still) Polite to Stare by Robbi Joy Eklow

Learn the ins and outs of variegated thread and the many types of fibers it comes in. Need ideas on how to fill a large area on your quilt? We’ve got you covered with quilting ideas galore! You’ll also receive creative lessons on how to fill borders and will be able to soon apply these expert techniques to make your own masterpieces.

Thread Sketching Lessons

Focus on Color by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Learn how you can use thread and machine quilted designs to change the appearance of your entire quilt. With thread sketching, you can achieve subtle variations in shading, make a background stronger or more subtle, and enhance design elements on the quilt. Understand the basics, how to set up your workspace, and see stunning examples of this technique at work with this informative article.

What are you waiting for? Download all 81 tips for free-motion quilting today!

Get machine quilting instructions, quilt motifs, and thread sketching tips, all in this free eBook!Practice makes perfect with machine quilting, and whether you’ve been quilting for years or are brand new, you’re going to love this download. Expand your skill set with a free-motion quilting tutorial, one that looks at stippling quilting, one on using variegated threads for free-motion embroidery, and another on thread sketching. Get creative quilting ideas to give your projects the polished finish they deserve. Claim your free download to get it all and be more successful free-motion quilting!

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*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from Quilting Daily.

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