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Free Art Quilt Patterns & Tutorials from Quilting Arts

There’s no better source for free quilt patterns than the free eBooks from Quilting Arts. With hundreds of quilting project ideas, tutorials, tips, and techniques, these collections represent some of the best and brightest quilters today.

Appliqué Quilts

Free Applique eBook

Whether you’re a traditional quilter who enjoys hand-stitched appliqué, or a contemporary quilter who opts for machine-stitched appliqué, you’ll want to explore the techniques and designs presented in this free eBook. Read More . . .

5 Free Designs for Art Quilts

Art Quilts

5 Free Designs for Art Quilts

Quilt art comes in many forms and is often inspired by the experiences, imagery, and ideas of the artist, rather than a traditional pattern. Art quilting has become a fun way for artists to express creativity and explore new methods for quilt design. Even though the foundations of quilt art are the same as traditional quilting, many quilt artists now incorporate a variety of new processes into projects, just like these 5 art quilts. Read More . . .

4 Free Baby Quilt Patterns Download

Baby Quilt Patterns

Designs for Handmade Baby Quilts

Baby quilts make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to be treasured. The experts at Quilting Arts have put together four fun patterns that will appeal to beginning and intermediate quilters alike. Read More . . .

7 Free Quilted Bag Patterns

Bag Patterns

Make Your Own Handmade Bags

Who doesn’t love a great bag? And a handmade quilted bag you’ve created yourself, ranks right up there with the most stylish designer bag money can buy. Read More . . .

The Beginner's Quilting Guide Plus 4 Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Beginner Quilting/Easy Quilt Patterns

The Beginner's Quilting Guide Plus 4 Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Discover how easy beginning quilting can be! This collection of projects and articles will guide you through basic quilting techniques and give you expert advice on how to ensure your quilt is a success. Read More . . .

Free Quilt Binding and Finishing eBook

Binding and Finishing Quilts

Free Tutorials on How to Bind a Quilt + Tips on Finishing a Quilt

Experience the process of finishing and binding quilts in a whole new way. Learn techniques for crafting a quilt hanging sleeve, binding corners with ease, and using materials such as sheers and yarn for binding quilt edges. Read More . . .

Free Modern Quilt Square Patterns Download

Block Quilt Patterns

Free Quilt Block Patterns

Squares are the building block of one of the most traditional quilting styles: block quilts. While squares can be as simple as one piece of fabric, they can also be very complex with several smaller pieces of fabric sewn together to form a square. In each of the four tutorials included in this eBook, the basics of quilt blocks will be revisited, but with a modern twist. Read More . . .

4 Free Baby Quilt Patterns Download

Christmas Quilting Patterns & Holiday Decor

Designs for Handmade Baby Quilts

When the holidays roll around, what we need is a little inspiration. This collection of five free patterns is sure to put you in a festive mood. From ornaments to table runners, tree skirts to hot pads, you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from for your holiday celebrations. Read More . . .

Free Crazy Quilt Embellishments

Crazy Quilting/Advanced Quilt Embellishment

Designs for Handmade Baby Quilts

There’s really no limit to the unique embellishments you can use for your quilts. From paper to zippers, metal bits to LED lights, explore five ways to make your own crazy quilts. Read More . . .

Free Digital Quilting Designs Download

Digital Quilting Designs

 Free Digital Art Techniques for Collage and Quilt

Technology can help any quilter take their designs to the next level, and all it takes is a little knowledge. With the help of this free guide, you’ll learn how to use tools, create digital collage, print on fabric and more. It’s easier than you think! Read More . . .

Free Quick & Easy Quilts Download

Easy Quilt Patterns

4 Free Easy Quilt Patterns

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a simple pattern, you’ll love the designs in this free collection. Make a mini hexagon quilt, scrappy design, bird mini quilts and an easy silhouette quilt. It’s all here in this free collection. Read More . . .

5 Innovative Ways to Embellish Your Fiber Art

Embellishment Techniques

Free Quilt Embellishment Techniques

Whether you’re looking to add more texture, more color, or simply to enhance your overall design, this eBook is for you. Whatever your quilting style, you’ll find plenty of new and interesting quilt embellishment ideas. Read More . . .

Fabric Art Techniques: 5 Free Quilting, Fabric, and Fiber Art Projects

Fabric Art

5 Free Fiber and Fabric Art Projects

As quilters so much of what we do is already considered to be fabric art. However, this eBook presents ideas and techniques that will challenge you to incorporate new and exciting techniques into your quilting, fiber, and fabric crafts. Read More . . .

Free Batik-style Dyeing & Surface Design eBook

Fabric Dyeing Techniques

Easy Resist Fabric Dyeing Techniques

Sometimes all we need as quilt artists is a little color therapy to spark our imagination or ignite our creative side! If you are a modern, innovative quilter, looking for a new way to explore the art of dyeing fabric, then you will want to explore the four methods of resist dyeing that are presented in this eBook. Read More . . .

Free Guide to How to Paint on Fabric

Fabric Painting

Free Fabric Painting Techniques for Texture and Interest

Take your quilt designs to new levels by incorporating painting directly onto fabric, using watercolor paper, fabric marbling, and so much more. With the four fabric painting techniques all in this one collection, you’ll be able to get started right away and will quickly discover why painting on fabric is so much fun. Read More . . .

Free eBook: Sewing Ideas to Expand Your Stitchery Knowledge

Fine Sewing Techniques

4 Free Fine sewing Techniques

A little stitching goes a long way! Whether you prefer hand stitching or machine stitching, using a needle and thread can be the final element of design, texture, and color that brings your quilt to life! You may want to cuddle up on the sofa for some relaxing hand sewing therapy or get lost in the steady flow of fabric as it slides beneath the needle on your sewing machine. Either way, you’ll appreciate the four techniques presented in this free eBook. Read More . . .

Get 81 Tips for Free-Motion Quilting + Quilting Motifs - FREE

Free Motion Machine Quilting

Free-Motion Machine Quilting Techniques - Free Download

Whether you’ve been quilting motifs for years or are brand new to quilting, you’re going to love the variety of quilt motifs offered in this free eBook. Our experts will take you through 81 tips and techniques to ensure success in your free-motion quilting projects. These free-motion quilting tips and motifs will help you transform your quilts into look at me masterpieces! Read More . . .

Get 81 Tips for Free-Motion Quilting + Quilting Motifs - FREE

Handmade Gifts

Need Handmade & Holiday Gift Ideas? We've Got 6 Free Homemade Gift Ideas Just for You!

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas quilting project or a unique handmade gift idea, then you’ve come to the right place! The experts at Quilting Arts have gathered 6 popular, quick, and stylish patterns that will inspire quilters of all levels. You’ll find festive holiday patterns for a contemporary Christmas table runner, patchwork candy cane napkin rings, and an easy reversible fabric gift bag. For homemade gift ideas that are fun to make and fun to give, the patterns for the zippered coffee cuffs and urban friendship bracelets are certain to be winners! Read More . . .

Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters: Learn Hand Embroidery, Stitches, and Trapunto

Hand Sewing Techniques

Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters

Our experts have put together four free tutorials that will teach you hand sewing techniques to help you fuel your passion for cloth, stitch, and color. Learn how to use hand embroidery stitches, trapunto, running stitch, and so much more with the free articles in this eBook. Read More . . .

Free Hand Quilting eBook

Handmade Quilts

5 Free Handmade Quilt Ideas

In this free eBook, you get five different takes on making handmade quilts. From a simple art quilt that even traditional quilters will enjoy quilted collage and fusing, this collection has a little bit of everything to try. Read More . . .

Free How to Quilt Download

How to Quilt

4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt

If you find yourself beckoned by new and exciting fabrics, but are unsure of how to begin the quilting process, then this is the place to get started! The experts at Quilting Daily show you how making quilts can be fun and enjoyable from start to finish. There’s something for everybody in the patterns and techniques offered in this free eBook. Read More . . .

Free guide to image and photo transfers.

Image Transfers for Quilting

Learn how to create quilts like these using image transfer techniuqes.

Break out the old boxes of photos, grab that newspaper, and find your favorite images! With this free eBook, you’ll learn how to transfer them all to paper or fabric, and be inspired to use them in your quilts. Check out all four techniques. Read More . . .

Free Embroidery Designs and Techniques Download

Machine Embroidery

Learn how to machine embroider quilts like these.

This free eBook introduces you to many exciting ways to add texture and embroidery designs to your quilts. The experts at Quilting Arts cover topics such as using the right thread, free-motion machine embroidery, circular embroidery, and bobbin embroidery. Read More . . .

Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters

Machine Needle Felting

Free Machine Needle Felting Project

Did you know how easy machine needle felting really is? Not only will this free download help you learn how to needle felt, but you’ll learn how to create projects that make the best use of color, composition, and more. Read More . . .

Making Memory Quilts and Personalized Quilts: 5 Memory Quilt Ideas

Memory Quilts

Learn About Making Memory Quilts & Personalized Quilts

If you love to quilt and you’re looking for a special way to honor someone’s accomplishments or to celebrate a special occasion, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to download this very special eBook! Whether you have your own ideas in mind, or are trying to come up with new and creative approaches to capture special moments, the ideas and techniques included in this eBook will help you enhance your memory quilt projects. Read More . . .

Free eBook on Making Modern Quilts

Modern Quilt Patterns

4 Free Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern quilting takes the traditional designs and adds a fun and unique twist. Featuring four free designs to choose from, you won’t believe how beautiful this collection of modern quilt patterns is. Read More . . .

6 Free Designs for Handmade Patchwork Quilts using Jelly Rolls, Strip Quilting, and More

Patchwork Quilts

Learn How to Make a Patchwork Quilt

Whether you’re looking for a pattern to help you use up your fabric stash, want to put your husband’s old neckties to good use, or have a few old quilts that need to be re-worked, the six free patterns in this eBook will give you the inspiration to get your patchwork project underway. Read More . . .

How to Make a Quilt: 6 Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Quilts

Photo Quilts

5 Ways to Make Photo and Picture Quilts - Free Download

Every picture tells a story! By incorporating photos into your quilting, you can completely revolutionize your approach to creating beautiful and unique art quilts. Our designers at Quilting Arts will show you how to easily transform family photos and digital images into quilted memories. Read More . . .

Free Tutorials for DIY Screen Printing, Monoprinting, and More

Printing on Fabric- Monoprinting & Screen Printing

Free Printmaking Projects

Screen printing and monoprinting techniques are easier than you think if you know the tricks of the trade. This free eBook will introduce you to five of our favorite DIY techniques for printing on fabric. Read More . . .

Quilting Designs and Techniques for Designing Quilts

Quilt Design

Free projects to learn how to design your own quilt.

Do you prefer contemporary modern quilting or do you strive for old-fashioned Victorian charm? No matter your style, the experts at Quilting Arts have presented three quilting techniques with tips from both worlds. Wouldn’t it be fun to design quilts using the basic principles in entirely new ways? With the expert advice, you’ll be on your way to creating your own unique quilting designs. Read More . . .

Sewing Ideas to Expand your Sewing Machine Techniques for Quilting

Sewing Techniques for Quilters

5 free articles on how to sew a quilt

Contemporary art quilters break the rules when it comes to design and construction, but understanding basic sewing techniques are still important when it comes to constructing a quilt. This free eBook contains detailed sewing and quilting techniques to enhance your quilting stitches and allow you to learn how to sew a quilt that is as unique as you are. Read More . . .

Small Quilting Projects

7 Small Quilting Projects

What a great way to use up your fabric stash and quilting scraps! These free quilted projects will not only inspire you, but may also spark your interest in creating small quilting projects for use around the house or to give away as gifts. Make a quilted gift card wallet or a colorful padded sunglass case in an afternoon or less! This collection of seven small quilting projects is perfect for any quilter. Read More . . .

Free Interfacing & Fabric Stabilizer Guide

Using Stabilizers/Interfacing

Learn How to Make a Patchwork Quilt

Choosing the right stabilizer for your project can be quite the process, and we want to make it easier. This free download will help you learn about your main options, and narrow down the right stabilizer or interfacing for you. Read More . . .

3 Free String Quilt Patterns

String Quilts

3 Stash-Busting, String Quilting Patterns

Lets face it, we all love fabric, and love keeping fabric scraps. You’re about to discover three quilts that not only use up those scraps, but are bursting with color and personality. Learn how to string piece and make these three quilts with this free guide. Read More . . .

Easy Resist Fabric Dyeing Techniques

Surface Design

Easy Resist Fabric Dyeing Techniques for Batik-style Dyeing & Surface Design

This eBook offers techniques for using ingenious methods and common household items to obtain the crackled background effect that is unique to batik fabrics. Bring a little batik into your life with the help of this free surface design eBook. Read More . . .

4 Free Patterns for Quilted Table Linens

Table Runner and Linens

Free Patterns for Quilted Placemats, Napkins, and Quilted Table Runners

Are you looking to give your dining room or kitchen a fresh new look? Table runners, napkin rings, and quilted linens can jazz up any room or table setting. Whether you’re decorating with contemporary holiday prints for a holiday party or using colorful complimentary fabrics for everyday use, this eBook contains an exciting collection of new and stylish designs, all for FREE! Give your room a quick makeover and download the collection of patterns in this eBook today. Read More . . .

Free Thread Drawing and Thread Painting Techniques

Thread Sketching

Free Thread Drawing and Thread Painting Techniques

Start out with thread sketching 101, and the basics of what you can do with thread. Next, learn how to interpret sketches, paintings and more using threadwork, then the basics of creating sketchbook quilts. Then move onto thread sketching for incredible detail in your designs, followed by thread painting tips to create depth. Take your machine quilting to a whole next level with this free collection. Read More . . .

4 Free Patterns for Quilted Table Linens

Wall Quilts

Free Patterns for Quilted Placemats, Napkins, and Quilted Table Runners

Get ready to add some wow to your walls. With this free eBook, you’ll find five patterns for quilted wall hangings. From smaller designs to bigger wall quilts using a variety of techniques you’ll have as much fun making, as admiring these quilts. Read More . . .

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