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Bonnie Hunter joins Tracy and Lori on the show. Lori and Tracy read a letter from a listener about thread choices. Then in Open Studios, they chat about what has changed since January when Bonnie was on the podcast, leaders and enders, and the “quilt police”. The Fine Finishes segment is sponsored by Handi Quilter, so Handi Quilter educator Adam Rateliff joins the show to discuss the controversial question “To prewash, or not to prewash”. Stay Tuned!


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Welcome | Tracy and Lori read a letter from a listener and talk thread

Letter—Diane Korcal, inspired by Episode 34, Needle Pulling Thread with Teri Lucas

Open Studios | Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie Hunter is the queen of scrap quilts.  She started her love affair with quilting in a home economics class her senior year of high school in 1980 and has never looked back. Bonnie teaches workshops and lectures to quilt guilds all over the world, and enjoys challenging quilters to break the rules, think outside the box, and find what brings them joy. Bonnie also writes a regular column for Quiltmaker Magazine entitled “Addicted to Scraps” to help you to put various aspects of your own Scrap Users System to good use!

Follow Bonnie on Instagram @quiltville_bonnie and on her Facebook page QuiltvilleFriends.

Addicted to Scraps

What are “Leaders & Enders”?

Easy Breezy Leader & Ender Challenge

Lori’s Leader & Ender Quilt

Fine Finishes | With Adam Rateliff, To Prewash, or Not to Prewash.

Thank you to our sponsor, Handi Quilter!

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Barnum made and quilted by Adam Rateliff. Pattern: Elephant Abstractions by Violet Craft.
Adam’s family displays their jelly roll quilts.


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