Hatch Pretty Egg Ornaments from Fabric Scraps

Egg ornaments

Who says ornaments are just for Christmas?

Many people decorate branches with egg ornaments to celebrate all things springy–and with my fondness for fabric art featuring nests and birds you know I can’t resist eggs either.

These pretty egg ornaments are made with fabric scraps, fusible and bits of ribbon. They are easy to put together and make festive spring or Easter decorations.

fabric egg ornaments

Egg Ornaments by Gudrun Erla

Featured in Quilting Arts Gifts 2010/11


  • Fabric A, 10″ square (egg top and back)
  • Fabric B, 5″ square (egg bottom)
  • Ribbon, 6″-long piece
  • Batting, 5″ square
  • Fusible webbing, scraps
  • Template plastic or tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron and ironing board


1. Cut your fabric to the following sizes:

• Fabric A: Two 3½” x 4″ rectangles
• Fabric B: One 3½” x 4½” rectangle

2. Fold the 3½” x 4½” rectangle from Fabric B in half, wrong sides together, so it measures 3½” x 2¼”, and press.

3. Layer one of the 3½” x 4″ rectangles of Fabric A on the batting piece, right side up. Then put the folded rectangle on top so that the raw edges are aligned on the bottom. Take the 6″ piece of ribbon and pin its ends to the top center of the unit. (Figure 1)

Figures 1 and 2

4. Trace the egg pattern provided onto template plastic or tracing paper and cut it out. Center the template on the back of the other 3½” x 4″ rectangle of Fabric A and trace around it.

Egg ornament template. Resize as needed.

5. Cut a vertical slit in the center of the egg shape, 1½” long. Layer this rectangle on top of the batting/fabric unit, right sides together, and pin it down. Sew on the line all the way around the egg perimeter. Trim the seam to 1⁄8″ and turn the ornament right-side out through the slit.

6. Trace the closure pattern provided onto fusible web. (Figure 2.) Iron the web to a scrap from Fabric A and cut it out on the line. Fuse the closure over the slit on the back of the ornament.

7. Peel back the fold on the front of the ornament to create a curve. Press the fold and topstitch it down with a straight stitch and matching thread.

That’s all there is to it.

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