126 | How to Bind a Quilt

My First Quilt | Sara Gallegos | Runtime (19 min)

Once your quilt has been quilted, it’s time to add the binding! Sara talks about how to cut and join straight strips for continuous binding and shows her long strip folded and pressed in half, ready to join to her small quilt. Find out where to start adding binding to your quilt, how to get perfectly mitered corners, and how to match up and sew the beginning and end of the strip together once you’ve sewn binding almost all the way around the top (or bottom) of the quilt. Once the binding is attached to either the top or bottom of your quilt, you can either hand-sew or machine sew it down to the opposite side to complete the binding. Sara prefers machine sewing her bindings and demonstrates how to do so with a decorative stitch.

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