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Have you made prayer flags yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? Prayer flags are a wonderful way to share your dreams, inspirations, and even your concerns through your passion for fabric. Whether you love to quilt, love to embroider, or love to experiment with surface design techniques, you’re sure to enjoy making prayer flags.

If you have been creating prayer flags for yourself or for your loved ones, you know how much impact these small projects can have as they spread their offerings of love and hope as whispers in the wind.

As you may know, Vivika Hansen DeNegre started The Prayer Flag Project on her blog back in 2011. In her words, “It started as an attempt to make a small but meaningful piece of art each day, but grew into a much more meaningful project that is still going on.”

When it comes to prayer flags you’re only as limited as your imagination. They can be made in the time you have, whether it’s less than an hour, several weeks, or even months, with items you have on hand. Even though you can buy premade prayer flags you can make your own in any shape or size you wish; here’s how Vivika makes hers:

Fingal-prayer-flags-2Make Your Own Flags

  1. Cut the fabric for the flag to 5″ x 11″. Create a 3” hanging sleeve by folding one short end over (to either the back or front) and press, making a rectangle 5″ x 8″. Sew the sleeve down by machine or by hand, 1/4″ from the short raw edge.
  2. Chose a theme for your prayer, and embellish your flag with paper, painting, stitch, embroidery, buttons, etc.
  3. Add words or journaling to your flag using free motion stitching, hand stitching, or simply by writing in a permanent marker. Don’t forget to sign and date your flag.
  4. Hang your flag outside by threading a string through the hanging sleeve. Post your flag on Flickr, Facebook, or other social media sites.

Discover more prayer flag inspiration in the Prayer Flag Collection. Start painting on fabric flags with the Setacolor fabric paints and two inspiring stencils. Then, try out sun shibori techniques with helpful instructions from Prayer Flag Project Coordinator and artist Lisa Chin. Whether you’re new to prayer flags or already love to make them, you won’t want to miss this fan-favorite collection!
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P.S. Share your favorite ways to create prayer flags by leaving a comment below. And if you want to learn more about The Prayer Flag Project including how you can participate click here to visit their website.

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