Longarm Fundamentals with Angela Huffman

Don’t let those big longarm machines intimidate you! Learn how easy they are to operate with Angela Huffman’s Longarm Fundamentals online workshop designed for those new to longarm quilting or just looking to see what all the fuss is about. Discover how it all works! This online workshop is a mastery class for stand-up quilters using longarm, midarm or shortarm quilting machines.

In this online workshop you’ll join PBS’s Love of Quilting co-host and blue ribbon winning longarm quilter, Angela Huffman, as she walks you through everything you need to know to start your quilting adventure. This is the class she wishes she could take back when she got her first longarm machine. It is the class that should come with every new machine!

Learn all the techniques for how to longarm quilt your quilts with ease.

Enjoy over 13 hours of video instruction in this Longarm Fundamentals class.

Who should take this course:

  • Beginning to intermediate quilters who want to learn about longarm quilting. Whether you just got your stand-up machine out of the box, or you’ve owned one for years, you will learn an incredible amount in this class.
  • Stand up quilters who want to learn how to streamline their techniques and get substantial tips on how to master their longarm quilting machine.
  • Stand up quilters who are looking to build their skills and dip their toes into custom quilting
  • Quilters who want to learn at their own pace online
  • Quilters who would enjoy interacting with others in the class
Don’t send your quilts out anymore! Use your own longarm machine to create beautiful quilts like this after taking this online workshop with Angela Huffman.

In the video below, Angela gives a great description of everything you will get out of this workshop!

Video Transcription:
Hi, my name is Angela Huffman. I am lucky enough that I get to travel all over the world, teaching long-arm quilting. But back when I got my very first long-arm machine, I didn’t have that class I needed. I wanted, I wanted to learn everything there was to learn and it wasn’t out there. So I created this class to teach you everything I wanted to know when I first got my machine, we’re talking about starting from the ground up. I want you to know the anatomy of your long arm machine. I want you to know what each piece is called so that you understand when you’re working, what pieces work with other pieces that you can get, the results that you would like to have. We’re going to talk about how to use pantograph. So we’re going to talk about how to realign for the second, third, fourth row of a pantograph. So that that mystery is cleared up for you.

And speaking of mysteries, we’re going to talk about tension and everything that goes into tension. What batting choices influenced tension? How do I choose thread for my project? And how does that thread influence tension? So that those tension headaches, that mystery is no longer anything you need to worry about. We’re going to talk about how to do custom quilting, how to look at a block and break it down into pieces so that it’s easy to do Simple block designs, border design sashing designs.

We’re going to talk about rulers and how to use rulers and templates to take those large expanses of borders and break them down into smaller pieces. We’re even going to look at our handwriting and how to take your own personal cursive handwriting to make your own original shapes designs, border sashings, and, um, how to bend those shapes into heirloom quilting.

So with heirloom quilting, we’re going to look at if you wanted to put your quilts in a show and what things you needed to be concerned about in order to get your quilts, your judge, to look at your quilt, um, for that shiny blue ribbon that we’re all after. We’re also going to talk about some business concerns. So if you got a longer machine and you’re planning on quilting for others, we’re going to talk about things that you need to be concerned with, how to meet with customers, how to set your pricing structure, how to market your services and what things you need to know to step out as a small business owner.

It’s all that and more, please look down at all the lessons that we’re going to cover. There is so much in this class, I know you’re going to enjoy it, and you’re going to have the confidence to step out with your new machine and quilt your dreams.

The Longarm Fundamentals with Angela Huffman workshop starts on 5/17/2021 and goes through 6/4/2021.

Register here!  Registration ends on 5/21/2021. Register early and save $100 with code: LONGARM100 – expires 05/07/21.

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