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This series includes a fantastic Quilt of Valor, interfacing appliqué, a Lemoyne Star with no set-in seams, paper piecing, special tools, heirloom quilt techniques, as well as many other great techniques for you to try.

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Credits for this series: Sewing machine for the series was the Baby Lock Symphony. The sewing center is provided by Koala Cabinets. For piecing, we use the 1/4” quilting presser foot or the monogramming presser foot. We use basic sewing supplies such as fabric, rotary cutters, and scissors, plus specific items listed below. We wear a Klutz cut-resistant safety glove when rotary cutting, press with a Reliable Iron, and measure using Omnigrid, and Fons & Porter rulers. Patterns and instructions for quilts featured are in Love of Quilting or Easy Quilts magazine or as listed. We now have DVD’s available for our TV shows beginning with the 400 series.

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2101 – Three Tours – Watch now on
Quilters all over the country are making Quilts of Valor and Love of Quilting is dedicated to providing great patterns for you so you can make a Quilt of Valor for a combat veteran. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons use diagonal seams to make flying geese units and make the two kinds of star blocks in this quilt. Marianne also shares with Mary how she used her scraps from this quilt to make a bonus quilt. Three Tours was designed, pieced, and quilted by Tony Jacobson for his nephew, who has been deployed three times. The quilt is featured in Love of Quilting’s March/April 2012 issue. The quilt kit for Three Tours is available at

Circles_for_Paige_2002102 – Circles for Paige – Watch now on

In the world of quiltmaking, there are numerous styles to choose from and the choice is yours. In addition to style choices, you also have shape choices. Maybe you like squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, or even circles. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons demonstrate how to use various tools to cut circles and also a special technique to create perfect appliqué circles. They share how to identify various quilt styles from traditional, art, contemporary and modern. Circles for Paige is featured in Love of Quilting’s January/February 2013 issue. This quilt was designed and made by Marianne Haak.

Periwinkle_2502103 – Periwinkles in Bloom – Watch now on

Marianne Fons actually has two guests in this episode, sewing specialist Pam Mahshie and her trusty serger. Pam shares some great serging tips with Marianne and demonstrates how to incorporate easy heirloom techniques into a baby quilt. Pam shows Marianne how to make puffing and pintucks with a serger and also how to make faux rick rack. The Fons & Porter rotary cutter will help you create this project– oh and don’t forget the Klutz Glove! Periwinkles in Bloom pattern can be found at

Links_200.jpg2104 – Links – Part I – Watch now on

It can be so rewarding to explore a technique that you have never tried before. Sometimes a quilt that looks complicated is far easier than it appears.  Marianne Fons and Mary Fons demonstrate how to use a special tool to make a Lemoyne star block. They also share how to utilize a pressing strategy for happy patchwork. Links is featured in Love of Quilting’s September/October 2012 issue. The quilt was designed and pieced by Deb Tucker and quilted by Mara Novak, Flying Goose Custom Quilting.

Links_2002105 – Links – Part II – Watch now on

This is part two of a two part series on this beautiful quilt by Deb Tucker called Links. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons demonstrate how to use diagonal seams to construct flying geese units and how to construct a unique corner unit for a block. Marianne and Mary also share how to appliqué a square to a setting unit to add interest to the quilt. Links is featured in Love of Quilting’s September/October 2012 issue. The quilt was designed and pieced by Deb Tucker and quilted by Mara Novak, Flying Goose Custom Quilting.

2106 – Fabulous Free Motion – Watch now on

Many viewers have asked us to spend a little bit more time on machine quilting. Understanding the process will help you enhance the beauty of your quilts. Quilting educator Eric Drexler shares his expertise on free-motion quilting with Mary Fons. Eric demonstrates the effects of using different weight threads, using color blending threads to enhance large scale prints, and how to easily work with specialty threads. Eric also discusses how to combine thread, needle, and tension settings for beautiful fabric embellishment.

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Chasing_Chevron_200.jpg2107 – Chasing Chevrons – Watch now on

Now might be just the time for you to make a flannel quilt if you have never made one before. The quilt in this episode, Chasing Chevrons, might be just what inspires you. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons demonstrate how to paper piece an elongated hexagon block and how to join the elongated hexagon blocks using set-in seams. They also share tips for successful flannel patchwork. This quilt is featured in Love of Quilting’s January/February2013 issue. Chasing Chevrons is by Kim Cairns and quilted by Nancy Stovall of Just Quilting.

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Flat-Flower-Power-Crazy-Pat2108 – Flower Power – Watch now on

No matter how long you’ve been quilting, you can always learn new tips and tricks. Marianne Fons is joined by fabric designer Judy Hansen to demonstrate how to use striped fabric for appliqué, how to use fusible web successfully, and how to paper piece crazy patchwork. Flower Power by Judy Hansen is featured in Love of Quilting’s March/April 2013 issue.

Checkboxes_200.jpg2109 – Checkboxes – Watch now on

Marianne Fons had so much fun making the quilt on this episode. This quilt is a fresh take on a very traditional pattern. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons demonstrate how to make Album Cross blocks in two different sizes and how to use a special tool to trim the block corners. They discuss how to step out of your comfort zone when choosing fabrics. Checkboxes is featured in Love of Quilting’s January/February2013 issue. Checkboxes was made by Marianne Fons and quilted by LuAnn Downs.

2110 – Machine Quilting Styles – Watch now on

As we all know, it’s not a quilt until it is quilted. This episode addresses just that. The style of quilting you choose affects the overall look of your quilt.  Longarm quilter and quilting educator, Dawn Cavanaugh shares with Marianne Fons what distinguishes today’s modern quilting styles from traditional and contemporary style quilting designs. Dawn also shares how to choose thread and batting for a traditional, contemporary or modern quilt look. Dawn demonstrates how to use simple shapes to quilt your projects.

Fluttering-By_2502111 – Fluttering By –  Watch now on

Most fabrics sold in quilt shops are part of coordinated collections. You can use those coordinating fabrics in things other than quilts. Marianne Fons and Mary Fons share how to use diagonal seams to make flying geese units, how to construct a Memory Star block and how to customize dinnerware to match a table runner. The Fluttering By table runner was featured in Love of Quilting’s July/August 2012 issue. Fluttering By was designed by Betsy Smith and the dinnerware was designed by Kim Deneault.

CalypsoCarnival_2502112 – Calypso Tote – Watch now on

Many quilters love small projects, so this episode features a fantastic quilter’s tote bag. National Educator Pam Mahshie shares with Mary how to sew long accurate seams, how to add dimension to your project, and how to successfully stitch on heavy or uneven surfaces. Pam shares many tips with Mary on how to create this fun tote project.


Emeralds_2502113 – Emeralds – Watch now on
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s hard to resist the green of an emerald. Marianne and Mary Fons think you are going to absolutely love Mary’s Emerald quilt. Marianne and Mary demonstrate how to make square-in-a-square units, how to construct a Rolling Stone block, and how to use a special ruler to cut setting pieces for a diagonal set quilt. Emeralds by Mary Fons and quilted by LuAnn Downs featured in Love of Quilting’s March/April 2013 issue.

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