McCall’s Quilting March/April 2018


McCall's Quilting March/April 2018 MagazineThis time of year always inspires me to dig deep into my sewing room to dust the hard-to-reach spots, vacuum the corners I regularly avoid and straighten and organize my fabrics, threads, books and quilting supplies. As I thought about where I want to start, I was curious about the origins of spring cleaning—is there something about spring that triggers our desire to spruce up our homes? Why spring and not some other time during the year?

Spring cleaning has an interesting history. In climates with cold winters, spring cleaning got rid of the soot and dirt left behind from coal or wood stoves and kerosene lamps. It also has a religious background in the Jewish and Catholic faiths, among others. Per Jewish custom, homes were cleaned of any yeast bread or crumbs before Passover and Catholics thoroughly clean the church before Good Friday.

Aside from any historical significance to spring cleaning, the shorter, colder days of winter can actually cause sleepiness and lack of energy. I, for one, am much more invigorated to clean when the days become longer and warmer. Spring is my favorite time of year. I feel a renewed sense of energy. A cleaned-up and organized sewing room also fuels my creativity and opens my mind to new ideas and designs. All I need now is a good book or podcast to listen to, and I’m ready to dig in!

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Table of Contents

Up Front

  • Editor’s Letter: If spring makes you want to clean and organize your sewing room, you’re not alone.
  • Fresh Picks: Little kits, micro buttons and embroidery software that coordinates with applique are what’s new in this issue.
  • Quilter to Quilter: A reader shares her version of the McCall’s Quilting pattern that sparked her love for quilting.
  • McQ&A: Our top spring cleaning tips for sewing spaces.
  • Quilt Basics: The quiltmaking techniques you need to make the patterns in this issue.

Special Interest

  • I Love This Quilt!: A classic pattern is reimagined in impressionistic fabrics to result in a meaningful and personal quilt.

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  • Pinwheel Puzzle: Easy triangle-squares in a novel layout lead to this large, stylish throw.
  • Star Nouveau: With its on-point medallion, this striking throw will earn a place of pride in your home.
  • Rubies & Pearls: Extra-large blocks create a quilt as sophisticated as its namesake gems.
  • Anniversary Gift: We remade a vintage pattern to celebrate McCall’s Quilting’s 25th anniversary.
  • Easter Eggstravaganza: Showcase some springtime hand embroidery with this sweet pillow sham.
  • Festive Fireworks: A feathered star medallion is surrounded by rectangular borders in this patriotic twin bed quilt.
  • Somebunny’s Blooms: We’d welcome this little visitor made with felted wool applique to our garden anytime.
  • Life in Full Bloom: A throw quilt as bright and inspiring as a spring bouquet.
  • Serenity: Bring order to your next scrap quilt with this calming composition.
  • DeRidder Bricks: A historic building was the inspiration for this pieced and appliqued throw.
  • Darling Buds of May: This one-block design is as lovely as a soft spring day.
  • Homeward Winds: A dynamic composition emerges from this traditional two-block design.
  • Wheeling in the Wind: Pinwheels within windmills spin and flutter across this one-block quilt.
  • Tender Mercies: It’s the little things that add up to this scrap quilt’s sense of tranquility.


  • Schoolhouse Steps: Quarter-Square Triangles
  • Schoolhouse Steps: Bias Strips for Applique

Pattern Pull-Out Section

  • This section contains the foundations, piecing templates and applique templates for the quilts in this issue. Click here to download.

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