Nautical Quilts: A New Book From Lynette Anderson

Nautical Quilts from the book of the same name
Nautical Quilts is the new book from expert quilter Lynette Anderson. This new collection of 12 projects celebrating the sea really captures the essence of nautical life. Cover of the book Nautical Quilts With the “Nautical Flag” quilt taking centre stage the book features a project for everyone from smaller projects such as a pencil case to full-size bed quilts. While I can’t show you everything I hope you’ll enjoy taking a sneak peek at a few of my favourite projects.

Let’s take a look at some of the projects inside, shall we?

A selection of projects from the book Nautical Quilts My favorite project is the “Nautical Flag” quilt, pictured left. Lynette explains that, “This bold quilt is inspired by nautical flags, a unique way that seafarers can send messages to other boats or back to shore. There is a different flag for each letter of the alphabet and each letter also has a specific meaning such as ‘diver down’ or ‘keep clear.’”

I would like to play around with the flags and spell out secret messages in the quilt!

The “Ship Ahoy Needle Roll and Snip Cover” (top right) is a beautiful project that features clamshell style paper piecing that adds real interest to the piece and the snip cover showcases a stitched compass and a happy whale. The “Far Horizon Duffle Bag,” center right, is reminiscent of sailor’s bags as they head off to sea. It is the perfect size for fitting all your essentials for a day at the beach or picnic. The “Sail Away” pillow, bottom right, it designed to utilize scrap fabric. The sails could all match if you have a scrap piece of fabric in your stash large enough, or use different fabrics for a scrappier look. Consider quilting the pillow in a wave pattern to add to the nautical theme. A small project featured in the book Nautical Quilts Lynette really has bought her distinctive style of patchwork mixed with exquisite hand embroidery and appliqué to the theme of nautical quilts–a subject that was inspired by her own family history and her grandfather’s career in the navy. As Lynette says, “The sights, sounds and smells of the ocean are a key part to every sailor’s life. The sea is in their blood.” Nautical Quilts is host to designs with such people in mind. Grab your copy of Nautical Quilts books below, just in time for summer quilt inspiration, and check out this course on hand embroidery and appliqué, or this one featuring Honeypot Cottage: Hand Stitching and Appliqué both with Lynette! Happy Quilting, Nadine

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