Patchwork and Appliqué Quilting with Lynette Anderson

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynette Anderson while she was shooting an online workshop called Hand Embroidery Stitching and Appliqué in the Golden, CO video studio.

Left to right: Lynette Anderson, Ginger Tatic, Sabrina Signorello, Jared Maher

If I were to sum up my first impression of her in just a few words, I would describe her as energetic, creative, and kind. She exudes positive energy and she’s easy to talk to and work with, all of which makes learning from her—she’s extraordinarily talented—a complete joy.

Here’s what Lynette said on her website, Lynette Anderson Designs, about shooting this online course:

“I love teaching and I love traveling, however, it would be impossible for me to get everywhere in the world that I would like to go and teach and still have time to be in my studio designing new projects, stitching and creating fabric collections for you. So, online classes which are available anytime and anywhere are an ideal solution.”

It’s a real treat when one of the best in the industry is available to offer her expertise and bag, pillow, and quilt patterns! Actually, Lynette offers a wide variety of projects in her books, Country Style Quilting: Stunning Patchwork Gifts to Quilt and Stitch and Country Cottage Quilting. But, to get the most out of these projects, tutorials are always welcome. It goes without saying, we were thrilled to learn that Lynette would be joining us to guide us through her embroidery and appliqué quilting techniques.

Forest Floor Table Runner by Lynette Anderson | photo credit: Lynette Anderson Designs

Forest Floor is a stunning quilt—it’s the project you’ll learn in the Hand Embroidery Stitching and Appliqué course. Although it’s a table runner (not a full-size quilt), it’s packed with techniques and learning opportunities—the visual interest never stops! Because we learn so much from Lynette, and her projects are simply spectacular, we thought an online workshop focusing on her adorable Honeypot Cottage bag would be tons of fun.


Honey Pot Cottage by Lynette Anderson | photo credit: Lynette Anderson Designs

There’s never a dull moment when a quilter is eyeballing one of Lynette’s projects—the wheels start turning and we inevitably start dissecting the techniques in the project. Honeypot Cottage: Hand Stitching and Appliqué with Lynette Anderson walks you through all of that, but a quilter’s mind is always working.

Embroidery and appliqué close-up | photo credit: Lynette Anderson Designs

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for tips and tricks to employ in our everyday quilting. Get some great Hand Embroidery Tips from Diane Harris, including this tidbit on treating fabric:

Consider lining the fabric to give 
it more body and hide the traveling threads. I always line my embroidery. I use something lightweight that is similar in color to the top fabric. I put a few dots of Roxanne’s Glue-Baste-It or Jillily Studio’s Appli-Glue around the outside edges to hold the lining and the main fabric together.

You might also find some useful information in these resources featuring embroidery and appliqué tips and tutorials:



For even more ideas on appliqué quilting, take a look at our Appliqué Quilting page! Have fun!

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