Polar Lights Mini Quilt Kit: Meet Designer Terri Vanden Bosch


What happens when a quilter buys a camper and travels the country with her husband? Design quilts inspired by the experience, of course! We’ve shared a series of Terri Vanden Bosch’s appliqué patterns with you in Quiltmaker magazine over the last couple of years: Happy Camper, Beach Bum and Mountain Retreat. You’ll find another travel adventure featured in the November/December issue of Quiltmaker.

Polar Lights is the latest in the appliqué pattern series, with more to come in 2019!

Happy Camper, July/August 2017

Terri and her husband celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary a few years ago. Thinking about a fun way to celebrate, they investigated taking an Alaskan cruise. However, after the sticker shock of that idea had passed, and deciding they are still too young for that cruise, Terri had a new idea. She convinced her dear husband to find a gently used pickup/truck camper–the kind that fit on the bed of a pickup. He found one 4 hours away, purchased it and so began the adventure of planning their travel. The plan was to put their motorcycle on a trailer behind the pickup/camper and see America.

Now, Terri has over 25 years of quilting experience. It didn’t seem to take her long to start dreaming of campers in fabric. All of the vignettes in her camper quilt pattern series are places she would like to visit with her camper. Terri and her husband’s maiden voyage was a trip to Yellowstone. Oh what fun it was!! Learn more about Terri’s camper adventures on her blog site, Meanderings Along Lizard Creek.

Mountain Retreat, November/December 2017
Terri’s camper, nestled under the trees and the aurora borealis.

You can find all of Terri’s camper patterns to download here. Don’t miss new camper appliqué patterns in the 2019 issues of Quiltmaker magazine.

Make the latest Terri Vanden Bosch camper, Polar Lights!

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