Producer’s Highlights: The 3900 Series of Love of Quilting TV

3900 series of Love of Quilting TV header featuring behind the scenes pics

Today the 3900 series of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting goes live! Episodes will begin airing nationally on public television (check your local listings), and the complete series is available on Quilting Daily. Here’s a little sneak peek of a few of my favorite moments!

Episode 3902—Stand-Out Stockings

It might be a wee bit too late for this year (holiday content is always tricky with public television because we’re never 100% sure when an episode will air), but Sara’s holiday stocking episode is so much fun! Sara really loves Dresden plates—remember her Halloween quilt, in episode 3602 Web of Mystery? In this episode, she plays with Dresden plates again, bringing them into a stocking design, and shows off some really, really cool stitches and threads.

Sara is a sewing machine master, so I love episodes where she puts the machine through its paces. I always learn so much!

Episode 3906—Partners in Patchwork I

This was a very, very special show—the 500th  episode of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting! We decided to re-visit Patchwork Pleasure, a row quilt created by founders Marianne Fons and Liz Porter.  Sara and Angela alternate rows, like Marianne and Liz did, but they also change up the techniques and the fabrics—a nod to our heritage while changing with the times, if you will! For this episode—the first of a 3-part series—we actually had a livestream studio audience through Zoom!

We celebrated the filming of the 500th episode with a livestreaming Q&A session with Sara and Angela, founders Marianne Fons and Liz Porter. Ginger Sheehy Tatic, co-host of the Quilt& Tell podcast, emceed.

After watching the filming, the audience was able to ask questions of Sara and Angela, as well as our two very special guests, Marianne Fons and Liz Porter! (If you’re a subscriber to Quilting Daily TV, you can watch the unedited Q&A session.)

Episode 3909—Everything English Paper Piecing

If you have any interest in English Paper Piecing, this episode is incredible. Tracy Mooney, host of the Quilt & Tell podcast, joins Sara for an incredible overview of EPP. It’s astonishing how many different approaches there can be.

I personally love the look of hexagons—and some of those amazing millefiori style quilts, too!—but the thought of all that hand-sewing has held me back. Tracy explores several options for sewing hexies on the machine, so I’m extra excited!

3911—Cozy Moments

As I’m writing this, it’s 20-some odd-degrees Fahrenheit, and snow blankets the trees and houses around me. I’m longing for a flannel quilt like Angela made on this episode! The diamond-shaped log cabin blocks were all constructed with quilter’s flannel, creating a cozy, warm, wonderful quilt.

She creates the odd shaped block with over-sized foundations, and it’s interesting to see her technique for that. She also uses the embroidery function to stitch out her signature for a label, something I’ve never seen!

Mothers have to make do! Angela shared this photo of her triplets. She only had two sets of snow boots, so one of her kids wore grocery sacks over his shoes on a snowy day!

And honestly, Angela’s story about suiting up her triplets to go play in the snow made me laugh!

3813–Run for the Roses

Some of my favorite moments are when Sara and Angela are just chatting about their inspiration. Angela’s pride in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, is palpable. She interprets the traditions of the Kentucky Derby into a really lovely wall hanging depicting rosebuds, with a thorny border.

As Sara and Angela work, they talk through some of the crazy traditions in Louisville, where the whole town celebrates the days leading up to the Derby. This episode might just inspire you to look at your own hometown in a fresh way.

Happy quilting!

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