Quick Quilts December/January 2019

One of the best ways to spend the cold months of winter, in my opinion, is by keeping busy with sewing and quilting projects. Whether I’m working on festive holiday décor, handmade gifts, or keeping cozy by quilting something from my UFO pile on my home sewing machine, it’s always a productive time of year. I feel accomplished by getting my projects completed, while spending many pleasant hours making progress creatively. While winter is a great time to start on ambitious, complex projects, it’s also ideal for getting several quick projects done in succession.

We’ve embraced the dichotomy of the season with this issue—there’s lots of holiday cheer in red, green, and gold, along with a selection of blue and white quilts that celebrate the snowy sparkle of winter months. Gift Exchange is a gorgeous exploration of holiday color and creative fabric experimentation. Rocky Mountain Hideaway and Twinkle Topper are a selection of lovely, versatile décor pieces that will deck your halls beautifully. Winter Sun is a study in color and value that recalls the play of sun and shadow on fresh snow, and Cloudgazing encourages you to get creative with color, print, and value as you build a dreamy, delightful quilt.

Whether you like to revel in the Christmas festivities, or serenely enjoy the snowy days of winter, we’ve got a project or two that will brighten up those cold, gloomy days. Settle in with a nice hot drink, a cozy quilt, and let us help you plan a wonderful winter’s worth of creative quilting projects!

Table of Contents


  • Tinsel Twist
  • Chilly Wind Chimes
  • Cloudgazing
  • Winter Sun
  • Night Lights
  • Twinkle Topper
  • Gift Exchange
  • Peppermint Twist
  • Rocky Mountain Hideaway
  • Holiday Cards

In Every Issue

  • Quick Pics
  • Whatcha-McCall’s-It
  • Quilt Basics


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