Quilting Arts TV: Episode 2502 – Unconventional Materials

In this episode of Quilting Arts TV, meet artists who use rather ‘unconventional’ materials in their art quilts.

Episode 2502 Description & Preview

Welcome to the new season of Quilting Arts TV. The show’s second episode takes you through some unconventional materials.

Projects Featured in this Episode: 

Guest designer Mel Beach invites you to expand your list of materials to paper, playing cards, and more as she takes a trip on the wild side and incorporates unusual materials in her quilts. Instructions for Mel’s segment are available as a free download. Click on the image above to get your copy.

Printing on fabric is even more fun when you use materials you find around your home and studio. Join Deborah fell as she demonstrates fabric printing with lots of different items in unique ways. Subscribe and view all of our video products, including Quilting Arts TV or stream previous episodes through video download.

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