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Note: This is a guest blog post from our partners at BERNINA.

by Susan Fears, BERNINA of America Educator

Figure 1 213x300 Quilting in the Hoop

Master Hooper with BERNINA Jumbo Hoop

Quilting in the (embroidery) hoop is a great way to achieve those beautiful feather quilted designs on your  quilt even if your quilting skills have not yet progressed to that stage. Just follow these tips when quilting in the hoop and you, too, will achieve amazing quilting results:

  • Replicate the same quilting environment on the embroidery machine that you would use at the sewing machine.  Quilting the quilt does not require stabilizer, therefore, hoop the quilt (top, batting & backing) for the most security in the embroidery quilting process.  Thread the machine top and bobbin with quilting thread, use the needle required for the thread selected and set the thread tension for sewing tension.  Embroidery tension causes the top thread to be pulled to the back, but in quilting, the threads should meet in the layers of the quilt.

    Figure 2 300x231 Quilting in the Hoop

    – Re-Hooping to continue Quilting. Designs are from Finally Feathers by Kenny Creations.

  • Use the Master Hooper for Hooping. The quilt is layered and bulky (no matter the size) and hooping can sometimes be a real aerobic exercise as you chase the outer hoop around the table while trying to get the inner hoop and quilt hooped.  The non-slip surface of the Master Hooper stabilizes the outer hoop preventing it from moving while the inner hoop and quilt are hooped.  It’s also easy to use the template so the quilt design can be placed accurately.

    Figure 3  300x223 Quilting in the Hoop

    Using the BERNINA Mega for Borders hooped using the Master Hooper

  • Take advantage of the many quilt designs from quilting professionals built into embroidery machines, such as the Diane Guadynski collection on the BERNINA 830 & 880.  These are also available in embroidery collections in a variety of themes and sizes.


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