Scrap Quilts: An Integral Part of Bonnie Hunter’s Life

Describe your perfect day:

I think it would be a day with no phone, no errands, no email, just the freedom to spend the day piecing or quilting to my heart’s content on something that I want to work on, not something that has a deadline. I feel like I have all the supplies I need at my fingertips and then some. I just need more time to sew up all the designs floating around in my mind.

Bonnie Hunter

In a Web Exclusive with Bonnie Hunter, we got to know the scrap quilt queen a little better. Like the rest of us, she’s addicted to scraps. In fact, there is an actual column in Quiltmaker Magazine that features a new scrappy quilt block in every issue, designed by Bonnie. “Addicted to Scraps” has been going strong since 2010 and is all about using your scraps in beautiful and fun ways.

Bonnie recorded a couple of quilting tips for us while taping one of her online workshops in our Golden, CO studio called “Wanderlust Quilt with Bonnie Hunter (Scrap Quilting Basics from Beginning to Binding!).” Yes, it’s a mouthful, but it really says it all! Here’s one of those tips that proves to be quite helpful:

You can tell when a quilter is in it for the art of quilting—that’s part of the secret to Bonnie’s success. She is terribly passionate about the craft which can lead her to quilty epiphanies, like her leaders and enders technique, as described by Erin Russek in Bonnie Hunter: Scrap Quilt Queen:

I would sew a light square to a dark square as my leader, sew my line of chain piecing and end by sewing two more 2” squares together. Eventually, I had a stack of these little “two squares” that I also used as leaders and enders to sew into Four Patches. The Four Patches finished at 3”, and I paired them up with 3” finished triangle-squares to make a block. I sewed the blocks together to make Blue Ridge Beauty.

Erin Russek
Blue Ridge Beauty by Bonnie Hunter

It’s not just about saving money or diminishing waste, which are two lovely side-effects of scrap quilting. But, rather, as Bonnie explains:

Quilting is not just a hobby or an interest. It’s an integral part of life for me and many others. Our lives revolve around it… I honestly cannot imagine my life without quilting.

Bonnie Hunter

And, that’s what it’s all about! We’re a big fan of Bonnie Hunter, and from past comments and overwhelming and regular requests for Bonnie’s instruction and ideas, we know you are, too.

For more scrappy fun, check out Best Of: Scrap Quilt Blogs and 11 Tips To Increase Your Scrap Quilt Efficiency (make sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page for more on Bonnie’s Wanderlust course!).

Addicted to Scraps? Here you go:

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