Sew Easy: Turned-Edge Appliqué

Sew Easy: Turned Edge Appliqué

This method for appliqué allows for easy and accurate stitching. Below you’ll find both video and image+text tutorials for this technique with clear, step-by-step instructions. PLUS—if you’ve found this lesson useful, you can download a copy of this AND many more Sew Easy lessons in our FREE eBooklet Sew Easy Lessons: The Essential Collection of Quilting Techniques. Click here to download your copy of this lesson plus many other tried-and-true patchwork tutorials!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Sew Easy Instructions

  1. Trace appliqué template onto heat-resistant template plastic. Cut template out and smooth any bumps with an emery board.
  2. Trace appliqué shape onto wrong side of fabric using template. Cut fabric ¼” outside drawn line. Clip curves and points as needed.
  3. With template on wrong side of fabric, apply starch to seam allowance and press toward back of template.
  4. Continue starching and pressing until all necessary edges are turned under. Remove template.
  5. Place appliqué shapes onto background fabric, layering as needed. Baste using pins or fabric glue.
  6. Stitch appliqué to background using blindstitch.

Products used: Havel’s Self-Healing Cutting Mat and Havel’s 5-½” Embroidery Scissors. Check out Havel’s Sewing for more information and a complete catalog.

Other products include Aurifil 40wt. cotton thread (fuchsia), heat-resistant template plastic, emery board, pencil, starch, round bristle paintbrush, glasshead pins, appliqué needle, wool pressing pad, travel iron.

Fabric from Abstract Collage collection by Ampersand Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

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