Shining a Spotlight on Quilter’s Select Free Fuse

|Sponsored| Last week on the Fons and Porter Facebook page, we gave you the inside scoop on one of our favorite product discoveries ever – Quilter’s Select Free Fuse fusing powder.

A few months back we reviewed this amazing fusing powder and absolutely loved it. Quilters immediately wanted to learn more and we’re still finding more uses for it, this is why we’re shining a spotlight on Free Fuse!

It’s so easy to use. Instead of pinning or getting chemicals everywhere with fusible sprays, Free Fuse to baste is simple and clean. Simply start in the middle of your quilt, sprinkle a small amount on the batting, smooth your quilt top out, then grab an applique sheet or parchment paper, smooth it out on top to protect your iron, and start in the middle with your iron. Hold in place for 4 seconds, move to the next spot and continue all the way through until your quilt top is done.

It even works when backing quilts with rayons or other slinky fabrics. It does a great job of stabilizing the fabric when pins just won’t work. And if fusible applique is a technique you use, then Free Fuse is definitely for you. Fusible web sheets can be hard to peel and there’s a lot of waste, and some glues can get gummy and hardened with age. With a powder like Free Fuse, you simply sprinkle, place, and press. You can even use Free Fuse for binding, for keeping it secured for when you stitch it in place.

This is easily one of our very favorite product discoveries and we know that you’ll love it too!

Happy quilting!

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