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Sneak Peek Week Follow Up: Thimbles For You

|Sponsored| Last week on the Fons and Porter Facebook page, we gave you the inside scoop on one of our favorite quilting releases yet – Thimbles For You.

These sterling silver heirloom thimbles are exquisite and Tracy Mooney, Editor of Quiltmaker Magazine, could barely wait to get her fingertips in them for this beautiful yet practical sneak peek into the world of thimbles.

A thimble, one of the most humble sewing notions, is also without a doubt, one of the most romantic. Slipping a thimble onto your finger instantly ties you to a long tradition of sewers and quilters. But did you know that there’s more to a thimble than just a bit of metal?

We worked with Jan Marie Larson of Thimbles For You to take you through the journey of finding the perfect thimble for you, including what to look for in a thimble from fit to use to style. Watch the video below to learn how to properly fit a thimble to a wide array of fingertip sizes and shapes and how to pick the perfect thimble for your particular style of sewing. Thimbles For You also does custom fitting and micro adjustments to ensure that your thimble is merely an extension of your fingertip. They will custom fit your thimble to YOU.

Not only is a thimble a very basic and necessary aspect of sewing and quilting, it is also a notion that can express your taste and artistic preferences. Thimbles for You carefully crafts their designs to reflect heritage and style and a thimble from them will undoubtedly make you smile whenever you look down on it. Nothing shows commitment to something you love more than a custom-made thimble of this beauty and magnitude and you’ll want to pass it down from generation to generation.

Picking up your thimble to bind a quilt or stitch applique should be a true pleasure in your life and for Tracy and her new thimble, now it is.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. Now go get your own custom-made sterling silver heirloom thimble today at Thimbles For You.

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