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For many quilters, star quilt patterns are exciting and fun. In fact, entire sections of every quilt block encyclopedia in existence are devoted to star quilt patterns due to their popularity. From the Ohio Star quilt block to more detailed quilt patterns, star quilt patterns are popular for their classic look. Many quilters even find star quilt patterns to be addictive once they start working on them. This free eBook promises 3 easy star quilt patterns that are different from one another in style and feeling. While one-star quilt pattern is dramatic, the other is more modern and bright. We know that you’ll find the perfect star quilt pattern for your home thanks to this free eBook.

This free eBook from Quilting Daily includes everything you need to learn how to make each of the star quilt patterns below:

  • The “New Year’s Sparklers” star quilt pattern featuring offset stars and a sense of movement in the quilt.
  • The “American Sweetheart” star quilt pattern perfect for Americana or patriotic quilt pattern enthusiasts.
  • The “Mix & Match” star quilt pattern filled with clear color and a white background.

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Download your free eBook now for three stunning star quilt patterns!

Star quilt patterns are loved by many quilters for their gorgeous aesthetic and clean lines. They’re perhaps one of the most identifiable quilt patterns for those unfamiliar with quilting. Star quilt patterns are also easy to find in a wide variety of quilt motifs. Whether you’re a fan of modern quilt patterns or more traditional quilt patterns, there is likely a star quilt pattern you will love to make. Download this free eBook for three-star quilt patterns that each vary and cater to fit whatever your quilting interest is!

“New Year’s Sparklers”

This stunning star quilt pattern features offset stars that create a sense of movement on this gorgeous quilt. Made from sawtooth star variation quilt blocks, this quilt pattern is the perfect use for bright batik quilting fabrics. Full of color and light, this star quilt pattern comes complete with an assembly diagram and full instructions showing you how to piece this vibrant quilt. Gorgeous, multicolored details make this large quilt pop off of the fabric

“American Sweetheart”

Fans of patriotic quilt patterns will love this American-themed star quilt pattern. Stars and hearts speak volumes about how much you love your country and are a great use of red, white, and blue fabrics. Sure to please any country quilt fan, this star quilt pattern is perfect for confident beginners looking to learn how to piece a gorgeous bed sized quilt. Comprised of numerous star quilt blocks, single heart blocks, and double heart blocks, the “American Sweetheart” quilt pattern is romantic and patriotic.

“Mix & Match”

Fans of modern quilt patterns will love this bright and clean star quilt pattern. Filled with a clean white background and straightforward piecing, this quilt is cheerful and full of light. Confident beginners will find everything they need to assemble this star quilt pattern including an assembly diagram. Comprised of 12 double star quilt blocks, this quilt pattern is simple to piece and even simpler to love.

These gorgeous simple star quilt patterns are sure to be your new favorite patterns. Download now!

Star quilt patterns are among the most popular types of quilt patterns available for quilters. Whether you like country quilts or bright, modern quilts, there is a star quilt pattern that fits your interest. The shape of this popular quilt pattern inspires awe and fascinates due to its geometric shape. Download this free eBook from Quilting Daily for stunning star quilt patterns you will love to make!

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