The Evolution of an Art Quilter | Quilting Arts Podcast Episode 2

From your first creative stitched endeavor to your most recent masterpiece, I’ll bet your quilts have changed significantly. Whether the subject you chose or the technique you used, your art has likely evolved over time.

Listen in to the “Quilting Arts Podcast” where co-hosts Vivika and Susan invite Lesley Riley to join their conversation as an Artist in Residence. Lesley shares how she emerged as an artist, author, creativity coach, product innovator, and all-around amazing art quilter with a unique creative voice that encourages others to share their inner light with the world.

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Below are a few resources mentioned in the conversation.

Lesley made this quilt for Susan using an image transfer of Susan’s ancestor, Union soldier Thomas Braden. The image is layered over another image transfer of a letter sent to him by his fiancé. Learn more how to create these types of quilts in this video.
  • Quilting Arts TV Susan is the host, and Lesley has appeared several times on the show.
  • Transfer Artist Paper This is the product Lesley uses to transfer photos to fabric in many of her fragment quilts. Lesley developed the product and it has just been re-introduced and made available once again.
  • Foliage is Lesley’s new fabric line. Check out the amazing textures and colors.
  • Retreats

Artist in Residence Lesley Riley

Artist in Residence Lesley Riley

Lesley Riley never intended to be a full-time, professional artist. She just followed her passion in the small blocks of time she carved out while raising 6 children. Now, as an internationally known instructor and multi-media artist, Lesley works in botanical printing, mixed and digital media, paint and of course, fabric. In 1999 she turned her initial passion for fabric, photos, color and the written word into a dream occupassion that continues to delight and inspire creatives and art lovers everywhere. A quilter since 1971, Lesley has an extensive background in using color and pattern to create innovative art quilts, fabric collage and modern botanical prints.

Creativity abounds in an empty nest she shares with her high-school sweetheart husband on a mountaintop in Cascade, MD. You’ll find Lesley in her indoor and outdoor studio from sunup to sundown unless, of course, any of her 15 grandchildren come to visit.

“A career path is rarely a path at all. A more interesting life is usually a more crooked, winding path of missteps, luck, and vigorous work. It is almost always a clumsy balance between things you try to make happen and things that happen to you.” – Tom Freston, entertainment industry executive

Taping a podcast episode requires coordination between guests, hosts, producers, and a good sense of humor.

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