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The Evolution of an Artist | Quilting Arts Podcast Episode 16

Quilting Arts Podcast Episode 16 Cover - An Artist Evolves

Artists and their work evolve over time – and art quilters are no exception to that rule. This episode of The Quilting Arts Podcast focuses on the quality of artistic flexibility, something we all have had to nurture over the past year.

Hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre invited Judy Coates Perez to be their guest Artist in Residence and discuss how her work and business model have changed over time and yet maintained their sense of vibrancy.

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Below are a few resources mentioned in the conversation

Vivika first became a fan of Judy’s in the early days of Quilting Arts Magazine when she read her profile in the Fall 2005 issue. Below are two images from that article.

“There’s a Place Called Mars…”

“Graven Images”

This Episode’s Quote

“If you already know how to solve a problem using a tried-and-true method, avoid doing so. You never know what you’ll find along an unfamiliar route.” – Jim Coudal 

Judy Coates Perez is a fiber artist know by many in the Quilting Arts Podcast audience as a prolific maker, fantastic teacher, and nuanced artist. She has a BFA in graphic design and is an ardent explorer of the arts and maker culture. She loves painting, sewing, designing, making and experimenting most often using nature as her muse. Judy is known for her mixed-media art quilts that incorporate paints, inks, dyes, printed paper ephemera, as well as stamping and screen printing. As an instructor she loves to light a creative fire in her students and help them learn the techniques and develop the skills they need to bring their ideas to life. JudyCoatesPerez.com

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2 comments on “The Evolution of an Artist | Quilting Arts Podcast Episode 16

  1. Kay Vallance says:

    Might be too late, Susan. However, I have a huge pavillion you could use. It’s approximately 10×20. I enjoyed the podcast. I love the idea you and your realtor came up with that provides an opportunity to show your quilts! If it’s not too late, reply to this comment