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APQS Longarm Certification Sponsored by Quilting Daily | September 3, 2024

No other workshop offers ‘certifiable’ confidence in your own longarming abilities! Whether you want to master a new longarm machine you’ve just purchased, or you’ve been longarming for a while and are ready to start a home-based business, this workshop offers it all. From sit-down midarms to stand-up frame-based longarms — of ANY brand or model — this course covers all the skills and applications that you will need on your longarm quilting journey. The workshop includes 13 in-depth video lessons that offer practical, immediately applicable instruction; many pages of valuable reference materials that you’ll return to again and again; customized feedback on your homework assignments from the instructor, Eva Ellison, who is a successful longarm retailer, award-winning custom quilter, and former student of this very class. The APQS Longarm Certification Workshop sponsored by Quilting Daily is a 14-week, certification-level course. Students pursuing certification are required to submit completed assignments by the stated deadline, and will receive instructor feedback. Certification is not guaranteed. Students may also take the course without seeking certification. Whether seeking certification or not, students will have lifetime access to the videos and hand-outs. Not only will you learn how to make beautiful quilts, you’ll also gain skills to turn your passion into a paycheck with tips on how to run your own quilting business. From creating a solid business plan to competitively pricing your work, this course teaches you how to earn money by quilting for others. Submit homework assignments by mail and e-mail for evaluation and credit. Receive feedback and ask questions. Workshop begins September 3, 2024. The interactive portion, during which you can ask questions of the instructor and fellow students, ends December 10, 2024. You will always be able to access the videos and hand-outs. Registration closes September 10, 2024

McCall’s Quilting Fall 2024 Digital Edition

Happy Fall, quilters! If you like seasonal quilt projects, get ready for the McCall’s Quilting Fall 2024 issue and our autumn theme—A Cut Above. We’re showcasing quilts and projects that have a little more to the construction than just cut and sew—think cut, sew, cut some more, then sew some more! You can look forward to impressive, complex-looking quilt projects that use additional cutting and trimming as part of the construction process: techniques like disappearing blocks, strip piecing, Delectable Mountains, wonky blocks, crumb piecing, and brand-new techniques from our clever and creative contributors. Using fall colors or print collections puts a lovely seasonal spin on these exciting, fun-to-make projects in a range of sizes and difficulty levels. And speaking of fun, we’re also celebrating and commemorating Halloween, the quintessential autumn holiday! Our secondary, supporting theme is Trick or Treat Yourself—projects that are just such a treat to make and use! McCall’s Quilting is all about customizing your quilts to your lifestyle, and then actually using them. With timely seasonal inspiration and alternate pattern layouts, McCall’s makes it easy for quilters to enhance their lives with quilts. Download your digital issue to experience: • 14 original quilt patterns, plus the link to download your FREE bonus pattern. • Learn useful, versatile cutting and splicing techniques, to put a creative, original twist on classic block designs, and create new, original blocks and quilts with innovative construction. • The perfect handwork project for on-the-go sewing. • And so much more!

Autumn Ensemble Quilt, Table Runner and Pillow Pattern Download

Welcome autumn to every corner of your home with a matching wall hanging, table runner, and felted wool pillow.